Family owned business. I go here all the time, have ordered almost everything and have never been disappointed. The service is superb and make you feel at home. I cry from happiness every time I have their Flan. I hate to admit it, but they make it better than my Mom, may she rest peace. Sorry Mama! Their adobada tacos are to die for. And let me tell you, they're underpriced. I feel bad for them every time I pay for the check. The place is small though and gets really busy. I've never waited but  it really would be worth the wait.

Seriously my favorite in Goleta.  This place is fantastic. I stopped by the first time of many when my car was being washed over at Fairview Carwash.  Boy was I glad I did!!!  I've been back several times since.

I have to admit that I have many more things to try here, but their "Cubano Torta" is probably the best sandwich I've ever had.  It not only satisfies a hangover but it feeds the soul.  Sure, you have sinned.  But the Cubano Torta will make all right in your world and you will sleep like an innocent baby as all those soul filling nutrients are absorbed into your body. Also, their service is very friendly and prompt, and they are super nice.

Perfect good Mexican food on a budget. I saw the yelp review that it had 5 stars so I tried it out. The torta was excellent so I went back the next day for breakfast. The wife and I spent $13 on chilaquiles, 2 tacos and a drink. Can't beat that! If I am ever in the area I will definitely come by for breakfast or lunch.

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Los Taraco Bakery and Deli, 314 E Haley Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101-1735 Telephone:866-898-0529

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